Deciphering NTC Thermistor Color Code for Electronics

NTC Thermistor Color Code – Understanding the Color Coding Scheme

NTC Thermistor Color Code – Understanding the Color Coding Scheme


  1. Overview
  2. Color Code Meanings
  3. Calculation Formula
  4. Common Applications


An NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor is a type of temperature sensor commonly used in electronic circuits and devices. It operates based on the principle that its resistance decreases as the temperature increases. To identify the characteristics and resistance values of different NTC thermistors, a color coding scheme is implemented. This article provides an in-depth understanding of the NTC thermistor color code and its significance.

Color Code Meanings

The color code on an NTC thermistor consists of bands or rings that represent specific values. Each color corresponds to a numerical digit or multiplier. The following table illustrates the meanings of different colors:

Color Significant Figure Multiplier Tolerance
Black 0 1 Ω
Brown 1 10 Ω ±1%
Red 2 100 Ω ±2%
Orange 3 1 kΩ

Calculation Formula

To determine the resistance value of an NTC thermistor using its color code, the following formula can be used:

R = (Significant Figure1 * 10 + Significant Figure2) * Multiplier

For example, if an NTC thermistor has the color code brown-red-orange, the resistance value can be calculated as follows:

R = (1 * 10 + 2) * 100 Ω = 1200 Ω

Common Applications

NTC thermistors have a wide range of applications due to their excellent sensitivity and accuracy. Some common applications include:

  • Temperature measurement and control in electronic devices
  • Overheating protection in power supplies
  • Thermal compensation in temperature-dependent circuits
  • Temperature monitoring in HVAC systems

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