DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor

The DS18B20 Waterproof Digital Temperature Sensor is a type of temperature sensor that is designed to measure temperature in various applications such as HVAC, refrigeration, and weather monitoring. The sensor can provide accurate temperature readings over a wide range (-55°C to +125°C) and has a resolution of 0.0625°C. It has a waterproof sheath that provides protection against moisture, making it suitable for outdoor use. The DS18B20 communicates with the host device through a digital interface called One-Wire, which allows for multiple sensors to be connected to the same bus.
Overall, the DS18B20 is a versatile and reliable temperature sensor that can be used in a variety of applications. If you need an accurate, durable, and cost-effective temperature sensor that can measure temperatures in a wide range, then the DS18B20 Waterproof Digital Temperature Sensor might be worth considering.
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