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Fluke 721ex: A Reliable Solution for Hazardous Environments

Fluke 721ex: A Reliable Solution for Hazardous Environments

Discover the Fluke 721ex, an advanced tool designed specifically for use in hazardous environments. This article explores the features and benefits of the Fluke 721ex, highlighting its capabilities and applications in various industries.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Key Features of Fluke 721ex
  3. Applications in Hazardous Environments
  4. Conclusion


The Fluke 721ex is a cutting-edge instrument that combines durability, accuracy, and safety to meet the demands of hazardous environments. Whether you work in oil and gas, chemical, or mining industries, this device provides reliable measurements in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Key Features of Fluke 721ex

The Fluke 721ex offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for hazardous environments:

  • Explosion-proof design: The device is intrinsically safe and certified to operate safely in areas with flammable gases, vapors, and dust.
  • High precision: With an accuracy of ±0.05% of full scale, the Fluke 721ex ensures precise measurements in critical situations.
  • Wide pressure range: It can measure pressure from 1 inH₂O to 10,000 psi, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Intuitive interface: The instrument features an easy-to-use interface with a backlit display for clear visibility in any lighting conditions.
  • Datalogging capabilities: Users can store up to 99 readings directly on the device for later analysis and reporting.

Applications in Hazardous Environments

The Fluke 721ex finds extensive use in hazardous environments, including:

  • Oil and gas refineries: The device enables technicians to safely measure pressure in pipelines, tanks, and other equipment.
  • Chemical processing plants: It helps monitor pressure levels during various stages of production, ensuring safe and efficient operations.
  • Mining industry: The Fluke 721ex is used to measure pressure in underground mines and identify potential safety risks.

These are just a few examples of how the Fluke 721ex can enhance safety and productivity in hazardous environments.


In conclusion, the Fluke 721ex is a reliable and indispensable instrument for professionals working in hazardous environments. Its innovative features, robust construction, and intrinsically safe design make it a top choice for accurate pressure measurements. Whether you are in oil and gas, chemical, or mining industries, the Fluke 721ex is the ultimate solution for your pressure measurement needs.

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