honeywell fba c7189r1004 wireless indoor sensor

Honeywell FBA C7189R1004 Wireless Indoor Sensor – A Convenient Solution for Temperature Control


The Honeywell FBA C7189R1004 Wireless Indoor Sensor is a cutting-edge technology that offers a convenient solution for temperature control in your home or office. With its wireless capabilities, this sensor enables you to monitor and adjust the temperature settings from a remote location, providing you with ultimate comfort and energy efficiency.

Key Features

  • Wireless Connectivity: The sensor connects wirelessly to your thermostat, eliminating the need for complex wiring installations.
  • Accurate Temperature Reading: It provides accurate temperature readings, ensuring precise control over your indoor climate.
  • Remote Control: You can conveniently adjust the temperature settings from anywhere within the range of the sensor.
  • Easy Installation: The sensor can be easily installed without the need for professional assistance.
  • Battery-Powered: It operates on batteries, offering flexibility in terms of placement.
  • Sleek Design: With a compact and stylish design, the sensor seamlessly blends into any interior setting.

Installation Guide

  1. Choose a suitable location for the sensor within the range of your thermostat.
  2. Mount the sensor securely on the wall using the provided mounting accessories.
  3. Ensure that the sensor is within the wireless range of your thermostat.
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to pair the sensor with your thermostat.
  5. Once paired, you can start enjoying the convenience of remote temperature control.


The Honeywell FBA C7189R1004 Wireless Indoor Sensor is compatible with a wide range of Honeywell thermostats, including the XYZ model and ABC model. Please refer to the product documentation or contact Honeywell for specific compatibility information.

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