How NCP18xH NTC Thermistors Enhance Electronic Circuit Protection


NCP18xH NTC thermistors have become ubiquitous in modern electronics for their critical role in circuit protection. The negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors in NCP18xH series are sensitive to temperature changes, making them ideal to control, protect and monitor a wide range of electronic devices and systems.

Precision and Accuracy


The NCP18xH NTC thermistors are designed with high precision and accuracy to ensure the safety and reliability of electronic devices. Their wide temperature range and custom resistance values make them a popular choice in electric circuits, including automotive, industrial automation, medical, and telecommunication systems.

Applying NCP18xH NTC Thermistors

NCP18xH NTC thermistors are suited for various electronic systems. These include linear and nonlinear temperature compensation, sensing and monitoring of temperature, current, voltage and resistance, and temperature control of power electronics like motors, inverters, and switch-mode power supply circuits.

Operating Principles

NCP18xH NTC thermistors function by changing their resistance as the temperature changes. This change creates a negative temperature coefficient, making them suitable for temperature sensing and control in electronic devices. Their fast response time and high accuracy make them essential in protecting electronic circuits from damage caused by excessive heat.

Overcoming Challenges

NTC thermisters in the NCP18xH series overcome common challenges in electronics. They are cost-efficient and easy to use, making them an essential component in electronic devices for protection, control, and regulation. Their small size and flexibility make them easy to integrate into the design of electronic devices without adding extra weight or bulk.


NCP18xH NTC thermistors are critical in protecting electronic circuits from damage caused by temperature changes. Their precise and accurate temperature control and regulation make them reliable in many applications. As the world of electronics continues to advance, the use of NCP18xH NTC thermistors will remain important in enhancing electronic circuit protection.

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