MCR PT100: The Ultimate NTC Temperature Sensor

As technology advances, the importance of accurate temperature measurement has become paramount. NTC thermistors have become a popular choice for their high sensitivity and fast response time. Among the different types of NTC temperature sensors, the MCR PT100 is a standout choice.

What is MCR PT100?

MCR PT100 is a platinum resistance temperature sensor with a resistance of 100 ohms at 0°C. It is designed to provide highly accurate and stable temperature measurement in a wide range of applications. The sensor’s rugged construction makes it suitable for use in harsh environments, and it can operate at temperatures up to 600°C.

Advantages of MCR PT100

The MCR PT100 offers numerous advantages over other types of temperature sensors. For one, it has a linear temperature-resistance characteristic, which makes it easy to calibrate and use. Additionally, its high accuracy and stability make it ideal for use in critical applications such as medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Other NTC Temperature Sensors Available

Apart from the MCR PT100, StarLight also offers a range of other NTC temperature sensors, including thermocouple temperature sensors, LPTC/KTY temperature sensors, DS18B20 digital temperature sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors. All of these sensors are designed and manufactured to the same high standards for accuracy, stability, and versatility.


In summary, the MCR PT100 is the ultimate choice in NTC temperature sensors. Its high accuracy, stability, and ruggedness make it ideal for use in a variety of applications. Whether you need to measure temperature in a laboratory, a manufacturing plant, or a hospital, the MCR PT100 can deliver the accuracy and reliability you need. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose StarLight for all your temperature sensing needs.

About StarLight

StarLight is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales of NTC thermistors, NTC temperature sensors, thermocouple temperature sensors, platinum resistance temperature sensors, LPTC/KTY temperature sensors, DS18B20 digital temperature sensors, temperature, and humidity sensors.

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