Millivolt Gas Control System


The Application of K-Type Thermocouples For Grill And Industrial Equipment 

The advantages of thermocouple sensors make them ideal temperature measurement devices for a variety of industrial applications:

Electric arc furnace

Fog machine

Gas turbine

Car diesel engine

Industrial oven

Millivolt Gas Control System

Thermocouple temperature sensors provide precise measurement ratings for extreme temperature industrial applications. They are cost-effective, robust, responsive and efficient and can be used for many years to come.



Coffee Machine

The Working Principle of Coffee Machine Temperature Sensor  An important component in the coffee machine switch is the heater, which is equipped with an NTC temperature

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The Structure of Baked Oven Temperature Sensor The sensor probe, the sensor housing, the probe hole, and the inside of the lower cover of the

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The Advantages of Health Pot Temperature Sensor  The health pot has a built-in NTC temperature sensor, which uses a stainless steel sensor probe, which can

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Robot Industrial 

The Applications of 1-Wire Bus Protocol Temperature Sensor For Robot Industrial  Robot, industrial control, instrumentation, refrigerated truck, pharmaceutical factory GMP temperature detection system, wine cellar,

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